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Pro Auto Consultant’s Proven D.E.A.L. Framework Streamlines the Process, Securing Unbeatable Prices and a Hassle-Free Experience

Want to Avoid Costly Car Shopping Mistakes?

  • Get the facts about leasing a car and why it could be costing you more than you think.
  • Why you should never except the first offer from a dealership and how to get them to lower the price.
  • How to understand your credit score quickly so you can get the lowest interest rate possible to help you save monthly.
  • Unlock the secrets of dealers “hidden fees” and get the best price on your new car.
  • How to use online tools to research cars before you buy, so you gain leverage in your negotiations.
  • The truth about extended warrantees why they may not be worth it in the long run and what you can do instead.
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Buying a car is likely your second largest expenditure after housing, so ensure you get professional-level representation from Pro Auto Consultant.

Get Quality Service and Expert Guidance on Your Next Purchase or Lease

Take the wheel during negotiations with our insider knowledge and score your best deal

  • Streamline your automobile experience so you’re not wasting hours and thousands on sunk costs.
  • Get in the driver’s seat of the car negotiation process so you can arrive at a place of power and not fear.
  • Avoid costly mistakes by uncovering how dealerships make money on the front and back end so you can save.

An Auto Buying Experience For Every Budget

Do It Yourself

This comprehensive ebook walks you through our proven D.E.A.L. Framework step-by-step. Not only can you save thousands on your next car purchase, but these negotiation tactics will help you score better deals in every area of life moving forward. 

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Get an inside look at our experts’ proven tactics for securing unbeatable car deals. This detailed workshop reveals our strategies, and we’ll even review your deal with you to find additional savings. Enroll now for the ultimate car buying experience.

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Got the dime, but not the time? Simply tell us what you want, and our expert negotiators will get to work securing the best deal. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the hassle while we save you time, money, and frustration. It’s white-glove service for your next ride.

Here’s what some of our clients say

“John Ricci has helped my husband and I purchase and sell cars for over the last 15 years. Thank you for all your knowledge and expertise in getting me a great car.”
Fran G
Purchased: Lexus 450 Hybrid
“On two occasions, my wife Jacqui and I have been in desperate need of a new vehicle and both times John Ricci made what can often be an anxiety inducing experience into pleasant transactions.”
Todd P
Leased: Volkswagen ID.4 EV
“He got me the car I wanted, he got me the price I wanted and it was a great experience I would recommend him to anybody!”
September G
Purchased: Lexus G350

How does it work?

In just three steps, you’ll be cruising the roads in style

Step 1

Pick Your Preferred Path

DIY with our free eBook, a guided workshop at a budget-friendly price, or a paid concierge service.

Step 2

Use the D.E.A.L. Framework

The D.E.A.L. Framework offers a step-by-step approach to help you achieve maximum value.

Step 3

Take a Scenic Drive to Celebrate

Now that you’ve got your dream car, why not celebrate by taking a relaxing scenic drive to break in your new ride?

What is the D.E.A.L. Framework and How Can It Help Me Get the Best Offer?

The D.E.A.L. Framework, inspired by the book “Negotiation Secrets”, teaches you how to secure optimal outcomes on cars and all transactions in your professional and personal life.


Having a clear definition of the problem and understanding exactly what you want helps you begin with the end in mind. This lays the foundation for the rest of the negotiation process, ensuring your decisions align with your goals.


Before diving into negotiations, arming yourself with in-depth online research enables you to approach the bargaining table with confidence, ensuring you have the necessary information to make informed decisions and secure favorable outcomes.


The negotiation process involves mastering the art of asking the right questions at the appropriate time and with the right tone. Learn how to effectively inquire, gaining valuable insights and leveraging your questions to drive the discussion towards favorable outcomes.


Approaching negotiations with empathy and gratitude is scientifically proven to lead to better outcomes. Understanding the other party’s perspective can create a win/win situation where all parties feel valued and respected, fostering positive and harmonious deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

o Auto Consultant specializes in car buying and leasing consultation, tailored to fit your specific needs and budget. We guide you through the entire process based on your price point and preferences. Our services include:

  • Research: We conduct in-depth research to find the best deals and compare vehicle options.
  • Negotiation: We handle price negotiations, ensuring you get the most favorable terms.
  • Financing: We assist with securing the best financing and leasing terms available.
  • Documentation: We manage all paperwork to make the process seamless.

Additionally, we offer several service levels to suit your preferences:

  • Free Ebook: For those who prefer a DIY approach, our comprehensive free ebook provides all the information and tips you need to navigate the car buying or leasing process on your own.
  • Workshop: Join our interactive workshops if you want to go through the process with guidance and support, allowing you to learn and apply our expert strategies firsthand.
  • Concierge Service: For a completely hands-off experience, choose our concierge service where we handle every aspect from start to finish, ensuring a stress-free and efficient car acquisition.

Our goal is to make your car buying or leasing experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, no matter which level of service you choose.

  • Overwhelming Choices: The vast array of makes, models, and features can be daunting.
  • Price Negotiations: Many people find it challenging to negotiate effectively.
  • Financing Complexity: Understanding loan terms, interest rates, and lease agreements can be confusing.
  • Sales Pressure: High-pressure sales tactics can lead to rushed and regrettable decisions.
  • Hidden Fees: Unexpected costs can emerge, inflating the final price.

Pro Auto Consultant addresses all these issues by providing expert guidance, transparent pricing, and effective negotiation strategies.

Buying or leasing a car can be overwhelming due to the plethora of options, complex financing terms, and aggressive sales tactics.

Pro Auto Consultant simplifies this process by leveraging our expertise and industry connections to ensure you get the best deal without the hassle. We save you time, reduce stress, and often secure better terms than you might achieve on your own.


We assist with trade-ins by evaluating your current vehicle’s market value and negotiating the best possible trade-in offer. This ensures you receive a fair price that can be applied toward your new car purchase or lease.

Getting started is easy!

Simply contact us through our website or call our office to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, preferences, and budget to begin the process of finding your ideal car.

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