Attention New Auto Shoppers: Save Money and Time with Insider Secrets

Unlock Insider Secrets to Get the Best Deal on Your New Car Purchase or Lease

Frustrated with the daunting experience of negotiating new car prices? Learn how to navigate the process with ease and confidence.
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Fed up with the pressure and confusion of negotiating with dealerships?

You’re not alone. Many people find themselves in the same frustrating situation, feeling like they’re constantly being taken advantage of in the car buying or leasing process. The stress and uncertainty can make the whole experience unbearable.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Our workshop introduces the D.E.A.L. Framework – a proven strategy for navigating the car market with confidence and ease.

With our guidance, you can finally take control of your car buying or leasing experience and put an end to the frustration.

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Accelerate Your Savings Workshop: The D.E.A.L. Strategy for Stress-Free Car Buying or Leasing

Streamline your car buying or leasing process. From researching the best deals to negotiating with confidence, this workshop empowers you with the tools and knowledge to save time, money, and stress on your next automotive transaction.

DEFINE: Set the Stage for Success

  • Discover why defining your “walk-away” number is crucial for both leasing and buying
  • Reveal the hidden motivations driving salespeople in lease vs. buy scenarios
  • Master the art of timing your deal for maximum savings in any market condition
  • Uncover the truth about residual values in leasing (and how they affect your payments)
  • Learn the 3 magic words that put you in control of any negotiation, lease or purchase

EXPLORE: Gain the Upper Hand

  • Decode the secret language of car financing and lease contracts
  • Unearth the 5 most common tricks used to inflate prices and lease payments
  • Learn how to accurately assess a car’s true market value and lease-end worth
  • Discover the insider method for spotting overpriced add-ons in both leases and purchases
  • Master the technique for evaluating money factors and interest rates that leaves dealers speechless

ASK: Unlock Hidden Savings

  • Harness the power of strategic silence to make dealers squirm (and offer better deals)
  • Learn the 7 questions that force salespeople to reveal their best possible price or lease terms
  • Discover the “layered negotiation” technique to save thousands on purchase or lease
  • Master the art of the “flinch” to instantly improve any offer, whether buying or leasing
  • Uncover the secret to getting dealers to compete on both purchase price and lease terms

LOVE: Close the Deal on Your Terms

  • Learn why building rapport is your secret weapon in both leasing and buying scenarios
  • Discover the psychology behind the “take it or leave it” offer for purchases and leases
  • Master the art of creating win-win scenarios that make dealers eager to work with you
  • Uncover the power of strategic concessions to get major discounts or improved lease terms
  • Learn how to walk away like a pro (and have dealers chasing you with better offers)

You’re 3 Steps Away From Upgrading Your Car Buying Experience Saving You Time, Money and Frustration

Car D.E.A.L. Framework Workshop



Get in the driver’s seat of the car negotiation process, unlock the secrets of dealers’ ‘hidden fees’, and drive away with the best deal – whether you’re leasing or buying.

Workshop Includes:

  • Complete D.E.A.L. Strategy for Stress-Free Car Buying or Leasing
  • Insider techniques to decode dealer pricing and leasing terms
  • Step-by-step negotiation tactics for both purchases and leases
  • Strategies to evaluate and maximize trade-in value
  • Tips to spot and avoid common dealer tricks and hidden fees
  • Techniques to leverage timing for the best deals
  • Methods to create win-win scenarios that benefit you and the dealer

Added Bonuses:

  • Negotiation Secrets Book and Audiobook
  • 30-Min Strategy Call to review your deal before signing
  • Trade-In Tactics: Bonus Mini-Workshop on our process for getting the most for your trade-in
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While there’s plenty of information online, much of it is outdated or generic. Our workshop provides current, insider knowledge from industry experts. We cut through the noise, saving you countless hours of research and potential costly mistakes. Plus, our step-by-step framework is designed for immediate application, something you won’t find through random Googling.

Absolutely! The D.E.A.L. framework is designed for everyone, regardless of negotiation experience. We break down complex tactics into simple, actionable steps. Many of our most successful students started as self-proclaimed “terrible negotiators.” If you can follow a recipe, you can master this framework.

This is a common misconception. Our D.E.A.L. framework actually focuses on building rapport and creating win-win scenarios. You’ll learn how to negotiate firmly yet respectfully, without ever feeling pushy or aggressive. In fact, many dealers prefer working with our students because of their professional approach.

Absolutely! The workshop covers both buying and leasing in depth. Leasing often involves even more complex negotiations, with terms like residual value and money factor that confuse many shoppers. We’ll demystify the leasing process and show you how to secure a great deal.

We value your time. The core workshop is designed to be completed in under 3 hours, broken into digestible segments you can watch at your own pace. Many students report saving more than 10 hours of research and negotiation time by applying our streamlined approach.4

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Get in the driver’s seat of the car negotiation process, unlock the secrets of dealers’ ‘hidden fees’, and get the best price on your new car

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