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Crafting the Future of Car Buying

For decades, the automotive industry has been a world of complexity, where the dreams of car enthusiasts and pragmatic buyers alike often collided with the harsh realities of negotiation and hidden fees.

In this landscape, a beacon of trust and expertise emerged – Pro Auto Consultant, a company driven by a singular mission:

Acquire the vehicle you desire at the best possible price, without the hassle of the traditional car-buying process


Tailored to your needs


No hidden fees or surprises


Thousands of happy clients

John Ricci

Since 1986 John Ricci, a veteran of the automotive industry, Pro Auto Consultant was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by car buyers. With a career spanning decades, John had witnessed firsthand the frustrations and uncertainties that plagued the process, from opaque pricing structures to the ever-present risk of being misled. His unwavering commitment to integrity and customer-centric service became the foundation upon which Pro Auto Consultant was built.

Shea Patrick

Shea Patrick is a visionary entrepreneur who turns his passion into profit. He eventually went on to create a simplified process to buying or leasing cars called The DEAL Roadmap system which was based on his best-selling book Negotiation Secrets.

What Our Clients Say

Before teaming up with the Pro Auto Consultant, I used to dread dealership visits and lease negotiations. What used to consume hours of research and take me away from family and work transformed into a seamless car buying experience through the concierge service.
Vilija V.
Purchased, Land Rover
With the guidance and resources from the Ultimate Car Broker, I not only gained financial insights but also received coaching that empowered me to make choices leading to substantial monthly payment savings. Thank you for saving me time and money!
Sarah M.
Customer Title
Person Holding Bmw Steering Wheel

Our decades of experience in the auto industry, make us uniquely qualified to help you get the car you want at the price you deserve.

Pro Auto Consultant’s mission is to provide you with a reliable, honest and simple service that ensures you get the best deal on your next auto purchase or lease.

Our dedication to customer-focused service and integrity means empowering our clients with the essential knowledge and tools to avoid hidden dealer fees, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.

Elevating Your Automotive Journey

Our Business Values



Honest relationships, trusted results


This Is Why We Do It

Transparent guidance, always clear


This Is How We Do It

Simple steps, maximum savings

What We Do…

  • Expertise in front and back-end transactions
  • Avoidance of high-pressure, sales, tactics, hidden fees, and confusion over pricing
  • Proven deal, roadmap system to simplify the process and save customers money on their new car purchase or lease
  • Decades of experience, the auto industry qualifies, ultimate car broker to help save money while finding a great vehicle for your needs
  • We offer car purchases at a variety of price points, ranging from nurses of college students to celebrities and fortune 500 companies
  • no matter budget we have a vehicle available for

Ready to embark on a hassle-free and empowering automotive journey?

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